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Gas analyzers
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Gas analyzers GANK-4 (A), (W), (AW)

   Portable gas analyzers, "GANK-4" self-powered designed for automatic one-time, periodic or continuous monitoring of air, the air of working area, and in industrial emissions in industrial processes with alarm on exceeding the maximum allowable concentration.
  • Controlled substances (optional) 135 (list of substances);
  • Minimum detectable concentration 0,001 mg/m3
  • Maximum detectable concentration up to 20 MPCw.a., with diluent up to 100%
  • Measurement error not more than 20%

Areas of application: Service of Sanitary Inspection, sanitary laboratories of industrial enterprises, service certification of workplaces, accident prevention.


Gas analyzer GANK-4S(R)


   Universal automatic stationary gas analyzer is used for continuous monitoring of concentrations of harmful substances in the air and the air of industrial premises. It allows you to control any of 117 hazardous substances on the user's order.

Measuring ranges of harmful substances:
  • The air of working area 0,5 MPCw.a. 20 MPCw.a.
  • Jack RS232 for PC
  • Jack PC&4 free contact
  • Jack RS output 420 mA.

Gas analyzer GANK4RBe (sulfur hexafluoride)


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analyzer GANK-4RBe (sulfur hexafluoride) for continuous monitoring (monitoring) the concentration of SF6-sulfur hexafluoride (sulfur hexafluoride) and oxygen O2 in the indoor air distribution system complete with gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and indoor switchgear (LRU) power to prevent accidents and ensure safe working conditions.


Gas analyzer GANK4RBf (freon)

   Designed for monitoring (automatic continuous or periodic monitoring) the concentration of Freon in the air of working zone and in the technological processes in refrigerating plant, chemical industry, etc.


Gas analyzer GANK4RBha (hydrocyanic acid)

   To ensure safe working conditions when working with hydrocyanic acid (HA) has been developed analyzer GANK-4RBha. Designed for automatic continuous monitoring of vapor concentrations of HCN in the air of work zones, and industrial emissions in industrial processes.

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