телефон ФГУП НИИАЭ
Rehabilitation equipment

Wheelchair recreational-type electric

Intended for use by people with varying degrees of abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system as an easily-managed individual mounts indoors and outside in the middle distance (combined use).


Implemented in wheelchair design technical solutions ensure security by automatically limiting allowable speed and acceleration of movement. Controls the electronic unit can identify any of the 12 combinations of speed limits and speed up the movement, there is an additional opportunity to quickly change the "sensitivity knob of joystick". A wheelchair is equipped with a system of internal control to display the result on the LED display and audible signal.

wheelchair has a high consumer qualities, has a relatively low price and is fully compliant with international standards and is competitive with similar products of companies: MEYRA (Germany), EVEREST & JENNINGS (USA), POIRER (France), SUZUKI MOTOR (Japan ), PERMOBIL (Norway).

Wheelchair is fully consistent with international standard ISO 7176 "Wheelchairs" and Japanese Industrial Standard JIST 9203-1987 "Electric wheelchairs".

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