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Group of Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals
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Main activity is the development of new metallic materials and processes, as well as various thermal, chemical and heat treatments in order to obtain the desired structures and physical and mechanical properties increase the functionality of parts and products of ATE.

Opportunities Department:

  • development of new steels and alloys with the desired structures and physical and mechanical properties;
  • Technology development of thermal and thermochemical treatment - tsemintatsii and carbonitriding of steel parts with the desired structure and parameters difuzionnogo layer (microstructure, thickness, saturation, and microhardness).

On the basis of may provide the following services:

At the moment there are 3 patents:

  • Steel for manufacture of parts with a rotary compression.
  • Bimetalicheskie inserts for automotive starter drive gear.
  • cutting steel for the manufacture of ignition parts machining.

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