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Patent search
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Patent search

Patent search in the automotive industry, electronics and electrical equipment.

To exclude the likelihood of a decision to refuse registration of inventions, industrial designs, utility models, patents need to start the procedure with preliminary patent search . This procedure allows to apply for registration to determine whether your decision is patentable, that is, whether it corresponds to the criteria for protection of Civil Code:

  1. "novelty" - for inventions, utility models and industrial designs;
  2. "industrial applicability" - for inventions, utility models;
  3. "inventive step" - only for inventions;
  4. "originality" - only for industrial designs;

Should also conduct a patent search in the case of the introduction of any technological solution in order to avoid later problems with the financial protection of previously patented solution.

During the patent search inventions, utility models and designs are tested on databases of patent literature, which includes not only registered patents and published patent applications and inventors' certificates. Russian patents are searching for a Russian patent databases, patent databases and other countries.

more extended version of a patent search - patent information search in which search is conducted on the basis of the patent and the so-called non-patent literature: periodicals (trade journals, popular science publications), and technical reference books, textbooks, dissertations, information from the Internet (a patent search on the Internet).

If you are interested in trends in certain types of equipment and you need to install the technical level of your invention, patent attorneys of our company will hold you for patent research and/or check its non-infringement.

Approximate prices for a patent search:

Preliminary patent search on the invention or industrial design from 7500 rur
Preliminary search utility model from 5000 rur
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for non-patent literature
by agreement
Express - search by patent number 250 rur
Patent search sources on behalf of the sponsors / patent holders 1000 rur

Work are scientific and technical information specialists laboratory FSUE NIIAE

Final cost of works is determined after consultation the required volume of work. Price may bow out in less well in a big way.

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