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The Institute today
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The Institute today
Federal State Enterprise for research and development of products and systems and automotive electronics Automobile and Tractor Electrical was founded in 1946. To date, been a part of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
For over 65 years Institute is a leader in the design of specialized electrical equipment for various purposes, electronic components to them, electric pumps, fans, windows and wipers and lighting products.
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technological problems. Engaged in the development of special technological processes, equipment and materials for manufacturers and suppliers of products.
FSUE NIIAE is the umbrella organization for the certification of products Automobile and Tractor Electrical and Electronics (ATE and AE), there developed new guests, to certify the manufacture of Automobile and Tractor Electrical and electronics to meet the requirements of ISO 9000. Work is conducted in coordination with the sub-sector factories.
The institute operates industrial center on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), which is accredited by State Standard of Russia.
Institute is actively engaged in information work and the preparation of highly qualified personnel.
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